Your Business and Your Photos on Google+

There is no denying that Photography is one if the most viral aspects of Google+ and your Business can get in on the action... learn how with +Google+ Your Business this Wednesday June 13 at 11am PT... or watch the recorded video of hte HOA any time thereafter. (visit +Google+ Your Business's Page to see it live or for the recorded version.)
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Our Next Help Desk Hangout On Air: Google Business Photos
Posted by +Toby Stein:

As a business owner, you're probably often wondering how you can translate your online activity into offline traffic. How can your web presence actually bring people to your store? Fortunately, Google has some answers. Google Business Photos allow you to create a 360-degree, interactive tour that will help your customers interact with you like never before. 

Join us at 11 a.m. PT on Wednesday, June 13th for our next Help Desk Hangout On Air to learn more. To watch the Hangout live, just come back here to the +Google+ Your Business page and click the play icon on the top post. If you can't make it, you can also watch a recording of the Hangout later this week on the Google and Your Business YouTube channel ( 

If you want to do some homework ahead of time, learn more here:

Leave your questions below! We'll be answering them during the Hangout.
Shared Circles
- one major way people are Making Google Plus Work!
Get in one or 2 or 10!

This one has a group of Fantastic Nature Photographers... it is pretty big, some others are much smaller...

Contact the person gathering (curating) any shared circle if you think you belong, and ask politely to be included in the next version. Shared Circles do not auto-update so people need to republish them every so often.

If you can't get in, then consider making your own Shared Circle (include yourself) and publish it for others to share and use. (Give them a reason to use it when you share it).
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The CAPTURE THE NATURE Circle –– Validated First Version #CircleSharingForThePeopleCNCVF

The time has come to reshare my validated first revision of the Capture The Nature Circle (CNC) with 463 excellent artists that produce great nature photography. You don't want to miss this one. I am proud to promote these great people and I am sure they will bring lots and lots of great and interesting images to your feeds.

If YOU want to hop on the next CNC train, do the following:

1. Help spread the word and reshare this circle post. Why? If you think you should be promoted, you should be willing to do the same for your fellow artists. Simple as that.

2. Ask for inclusion in the comments. I will check every feed.

3. Make sure that you share your own original nature photography in your feed. If there are too many reshares of other peoples' work, irrelevant YouTube clips, animated GIFS, blog post teasers etc., I might not add you to the circle. The CNC is a validated quality circle that should bring people great nature imagery to their feeds.

NOTE! If you see that I have plussed your comment, then you know that I have added you to the next revision of the CNC. I didn't PLUS your comment? Make sure that you have reshared this circle post and let me know that you did so.


This post is hash-tagged with #CircleSharingForThePeopleCNCVF so that you may mute the reshares this post will generate. That way you will avoid seeing multiple copies of this post in your feed and your adrenaline level will stay normal. I will add a new hash-tag for every announcement and circle post. That way you won't miss out on any of the action but still can mute all the duplicate reshares.

Here is an excellent add-on that will help you to mute the reshares:

Check out this Graphic Layout in the image area of the post

What appears to be 4 different pics in a Unique Layout is really just 2 pictures side by side... But it sure looks different than that, right?

To me that is a way to stand out from the crowd and is a great way of Making Google Plus Work!

#funwithgraphics #googleplustips //via +Hangout Networks
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Spicy Garlic Shrimp Recipe


2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves garlic, crushed away from skin
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, for extra zing add 1 teaspoon or 1 tsp total
1lb large or jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails on for presentation if so desired
1 1/2 teaspoon grill or steak seasoning blend (recommended: Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick) or coarse salt and pepper
1 lemon, zested and juiced (optional)
2 tablespoons chopped parsley

Heat a large skillet over medium to medium high heat. Add extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and shrimp. Season with grill seasoning or salt and pepper and cook shrimp 3 minutes or until just pink. Toss with lemon zest, juice and chopped parsley. Remove shrimp to a serving platter leaving the garlic cloves in the pan.

Note: This is an appetizer not a meal. I hope you all like this format.
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Video overview of Google+ Local

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//via: +Jaana Nyström
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Here's more about the new Google+ Local:
A simple way to discover and share great local places
*Google+ Local on its way to a sidebar Near You!

Make note of the G+ Community Mgr. +Jade Wang

Good to see more details on this new concept... many of us have anticipated this, and wonder what the state of 'Places' will be moving forward.

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Posted by +Jade Wang, Google+ Local community manager

Love to share your latest foodie find with friends? We’ve got just the thing. Introducing Google+ Local, a new way for you to discover and share great local information across Google, featuring Zagat scores and reviews from the people you know and trust. Find reviews from people in your circles and recommendations right here in Google+, under Local in the ribbon or via the Google+ and Google Maps for Android apps. Read all about it on the Official Google Blog (, and send us your feedback via the gear icon.

Google Plus Local - just rolling out... learn about it here

Another way people & businesses are Making Google Plus Work...

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Posted by +Vanessa Schneider

Manage a Google Places page? That listing just got a simpler, cleaner look with the introduction of Google+ Local, a new way to discover businesses across Google.

With Google+ Local, customers can now easily recommend your business to their friends, or tell the world about it with a review. We’ve added +Zagat reviews and updated our scoring system to their 30-point scale, allowing customers to better share what makes your business unique. Google+ Local is integrated into Search, Maps, mobile and as a new tab in Google+ (just look for “Local” along the left to get started). We are rolling out today, so if you don’t see it now, you’ll see it soon.

Read more about what this means for you as a business owner over on the Google and Your Business Blog (, or check out our quick guide to what’s new (

Have feedback to share? Use the “Send feedback” link under the Google+ gear icon
Images and other stuff can make a big impact

Some good thoughts here inside the post re. posting techniques to Make Google Plus Work for you.

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In response to +Johan Horak's recent post "Is Google's Secret For Social...... Photos?", which came to me via +CircleCount, I made a long comment and Johan requested that I post it on it's own.

He'd said, the secret is images. While I agree in principle, I feel there is just a little more to it than JUST Images.

So this is me re-posting my comment but... before I do that I want to add some provisos...

It's important to know WHY you want people to see your post... So, before anything, make sure you have something that people will want to read and respond to and figure out who these people are.

Make sure it is clear from the first five lines (the stuff above the "Expand this post »" button) what you are sharing. Ensure that you make it clear that you want people to comment... comments add a couple extra inches of visual real-estate for anyone who sees you post.

So, here's my original comment expanded into what I call:
"How to Ensure People See Your Awesome Post"

Step 0: Have an Awesome Post

Step 1: Make sure 3/4 of the last 10 things you've posted are interesting to your target audience... it's also a good idea to have other stuff there so you seem like a well rounded person. Make sure to have a variety of "types" of stuff too; videos, re-shares, "tweets", status updates, page-shares, site shares, album shares.
Step 2: One Image... preferably short-wide ones (aspect ratio between 2:1 and 4:1 seems about best, min 497px)... attached to your awesome post.
(see +Johan Horak post for great advice on what kind of image )

Step 3: Right after you post your awesome post, comment on every single post in your stream... insightful comments... interesting comments... engaging with other commenters comments... REAL comments... never copy-paste, not stuff like "yeah, lol"... if you have nothing constructive to say you aren't trying hard enough... you may need to go explore too... or search for people talking about the same thing as your awesome post... but DO NOT LINK.

This works in reverse order,
1. people see your comment and say "hey, who's this guy"
2. people visit your profile and say "hey this guy is interesting and doesn't post crap"
3. people notice your awesome post with an image attached to it because it stands out and say "wow, this is an awesome post!" and they +1 it, comment, share and/or circle you.?

SO, What do you think?
How different people Engage on Google+, and what it means

According to the author +Toby Stein, a Googler - if you are trying to increase your follower count, the most important engagement to seek after is Resharing.

He groups people's activities into 4 catagories:
1) Resharing
2) Plussing
3) Commenting
4) Reading (only)

I do all 4 so I guess I am Special ... how about you? Worth the read to get some good perspective on how a Googler is Making Google Plus Work.

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Posted by +Toby Stein

The different types of G+ Engagers. And how to reach them.

We all have our own relationship with Google+ and the pages we follow. We interact in different ways, have different goals, and log on with different expectations. The result is that, if you’re a content creator, one size does not fit all. In fact, different types of posts will appeal to different types of users. Today, we’re trying to break some of these categories down and give you tips for reaching each one.

The Resharers
These users are your most valuable allies, the ones whose activity on your post will contribute to virality and, in the end, get you more followers. It’s important to look through your posts regularly and assess which ones have the most reshares. When you’re trying to boost followership, these are the posts to emulate. We tend to see that launch announcements, exclusive updates, pro-tips, and technical guides to your business and products gain the most traction. Resharers are also the ones with whom you may want to build closer relationships. By clicking on the reshare count, you can see who these people are, reach out, and identify the influencers in your social network.

The Plussers
There are plenty of users out there who +1 content to demonstrate approval or gratitude. These are people looking for entertaining and interesting content, but may not want to engage with it through commenting or resharing. They may be more interested in keeping track of their favorite pieces for future reference. We recommend placing less value on the +1s on your posts. It is a low-impact form of engagement and one that lends less value to a conversation than a comment. But, sometimes, +1s are exactly what you want. For instance, perhaps you want to gauge your customers’ interest in a new product. Perhaps you want to use +1s to hold a poll in the comments section. It is also useful to think about ways to entice your Plussers to engage more. Maybe include a call to action in your post, encouraging people who +1’d your content to leave a comment explaining why!

The Commenters
These are users who are likely to give you feedback They’ll be valuable sources of customer input, so we suggest adding calls to action in your posts, encouraging them to speak up. But, it’s critical to understand that Commenters may be systematically different from the rest of your followers. In other words, the group of people who respond to your posts via comments may not represent your average follower or customer. We’ve found that Commenters are more engaged, more tech-savvy, more experience and familiar with your brand, and more vocal than your average customer. They’re also more likely to create sub-conversations that can distract from the overarching discussion. Remember to try to listen to everyone, not just the ones who shout the loudest.

The Readers
In this post from January (, +Yan Tseytlin reminds us, “Don’t get discouraged if you have a following yet get little engagement... A successful Google+ page is not just one with lots of followers, but a page where users feel comfortable and not pressured into commenting or sharing more personal reflections. No matter the type of page that you manage, be confident that your content is being read and digested by many types of people.” Yan also suggests, “There are a few ways to get even the most shy followers to speak up. Try a live Q&A where your followers have an incentive to get involved in real-time.” We couldn’t agree more. Some users certainly use Google+ just to consume fascinating content with little interest in engaging. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not reading along. Just do your best to provide a variety of opportunities and ways for them to engage if they so choose. If you’re posting to a specific circle, you can also hover over that circle’s name in the sharebox and choose to notify members of that circle of your post. Make sure they don’t miss what you’re doing!
Collection of Tips that show people Making Google+ Work

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Google+ Directory Ebook

+Shamil Weerakoon has done a great job in collecting a big list of Google+ tips & guides & tutorials to his Google+ Directory spreadsheets

Used that data to create a new ebook full of wisdom from Google+ users :)

First version available for download here:

I call it Google+ cookbook :)

Have a check, here is the online version:

Here are some writers from the book:
+Creative Web Design,+Erik Goldhar,+Kristin Isler,+Tracy Raiteri,+Don Burke,+Peter G McDermott,+Yifat Cohen,+Akasha Tsang,+Debbie Ohi,+Johnathan Chung,+Max Huijgen,+Moritz Tolxdorff,+Jens Graikowski,+Chris Robinson,+Emilie Eggleston,+Michelle Marie,+Gilles-Philippe Morin,+Ryan Crowe,+Jari Huomo,+Robert Scoble,+Jon Cilley,+Making Google Plus Work,+Paul Spoerry,+Trey Ratcliff,+Ahmed Zeeshan,+martin shervington,+Gideon Rosenblatt,+Sarah King,+Saidur Hossain,+Chris Pirillo,+Jessica Safir,+Up Your Plus,+Google Ads,+Sean Lumly,+Jesse Wojdylo,+Gregg Sakauye,+PJ Rosenberg,+Ray Hiltz,+Rod Dunne,+Anthony Russo,+Mike Downes,+Alida Brandenburg,+Jay Patel,+GPlusTuts,+Cora Triton,+Damon Meredith,+Google+,+Rahul Roy,+Google Engage for Agencies,+Melody Lynn,+Gregory Allan,+Dejan SEM,+G+Decoded: Google+ Marketing Made Easy,+Kristoffer Howes,+P E Sharpe,+Leah Davies,+Amanda Blain,+Al Jazeera English,+Anthony Fox,+Mike Shaw
Automated Publishing tips

h/t: +Robert Smyka for the find
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How I publish from Google+.

By popular demand, here is my system for automatically posting my Google+ posts on RSS, Twitter, Facebook and publishing them via daily and weekly e-mail newsletters!
Influence with Music!

This is how I feel when breaking news happens on the Plus or on YouTube.

You can add variety to your Posts buy sharing music right in the G+ Stream via Google Play...

Go to: - search for some music that Speaks to You and share it... when you do you get a player Right here in the stream...

Others can get a feel for the 'tone' of the post!
Another Great Way to stand out from the crowd... an important way that others are Making Google+ Work!

h/t: +Courtney Engle for showing me how this works!

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When Breaking News happens on G+ do you feel like this?
More scarry stuff for ghost-town citizens. G+ login