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Here at Kainoto, we fell in love with Google+ from the first hours. After a few months of usage, we have discovered that it is much more than a social media stream. We have already started working on several implementations, but this one seems to be the simplest and most obvious - using it as CMS.

How does it work?

1. You create a Google+ page (you don't have to, but will want to)
2. You post as that page and add some tags ( #SomeWeirdStuff )
3. You add some photos to the post
4. You bold the title (learn it if you haven't yet)
5. On your website, you add just a bit of jQuery to read from Google+ API and a nice menu that consists of your most used (interesting) tags (yeap, that #SomeWeirdStuff )

Why it's good

1. Obviously, Google will find your posts and your Google+ page eventually very high in it's search results
2. It is simple to post. Editors get the most simple way of posting things (if they can't post to the stream, they really shouldn't be editors)
3. You get possibility to post from Picasa (which is like magic for a photographer)
4. No need to care about the server and data. If Google can't handle it... well, we're doomed.
5. It is very easy to maintain and change (all you need to adopt your website is a browser)
6. Your clients will eventually land on your circles. You get like a near to perfect near to zero costs CRM?
7. This list can get longer

Why it's bad

1. Many SEO experts will find it obviously not perfect for optimization
2. You don't have the database (you still can get all the data)
3. Might be other reasons we don't know of and we are sure you will let us know. :-)


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Google+ as CMS: technical details for the masters

As it turned out, folks like our idea of having Google+ as CMS (original post at To spread the idea, obviously some more details are required on how this is working. If you're creating websites long enough (you know html, javascript, jQuery, css), just open the source on this file:

Yes, it is all just 1 html file with linked javascript resources, so you can actually put it anywhere and it works (after modifying the variables to fit your page). And yes, we have used the beta stuff overall (jQuery templates, Google+ API itself). :-)

As you will see, you just need to modify:
- userId (to your Google+ page)
- apiKey (please check out to get YOUR key)
- searchLanguage
- searchTag
- and surely, the css (design) :-)

Please let us know how you experiment further or any other ideas and improvements you might get. We see more opportunities to use Google+ (not just as the CMS), so any feedback is valuable.

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Google+ Websites Case

We have a good friend. She needed a website that is just easy enough to use. And she is a patient friend. :)

That's why we offered her to become our test bunny client for the Google+ website case. And here it is:

All the content (and we mean all) you see there comes from her Google+ page:
(sorry for the language, but she sells things locally - for now - if you wish something, just let us know, we'll let her know:))

Menus are stored - believe it - in a Google spreadsheet.

The good things:
- it is really easy for her to use
- she uploaded all the photos in minutes, no hassles, no problems
- she knows the CMS (Google+) without our help
- she has a communication system for her clients set up (they just need to follow her page)
- the database is reliable :)

Yes, we know it's not SEOptimized. And it can be better. Now you tell us how. :)

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Google+ as CMS: small update

Seems like we went a bit too fancy on the idea, so we made posts opened via a jQuery dialog. Most users found it odd and not friendly, since you couldn't really go "back" with your mouse as you natively do when navigating through the website.

So the posts at are now opening as normal. We love it this way too. :-)

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