Think. Post. Do.
To be sure, Facebook, Twitter and blogging are truly revolutionary tools of communication and expression that have brought so many new and compelling voices to light. At their best, they’re changing the nature of political communication and news. But, at their worst, they can become addictive substitutes for real action. How often have you heard lately: “Oh, I tweeted about that.” Or “I posted that on my Facebook page.” Really? In most cases, that’s about as impactful as firing a mortar into the Milky Way galaxy. Unless you get out of Facebook and into someone’s face, you really have not acted. And, as Syria’s vicious regime is also reminding us: “bang-bang” beats “tweet-tweet” every day of the week.
I wish +Paul Barsch made this as a Google+ page. :)
When to start a new thread?

This morning ws the first time I ws reding mny comments on one [< href="" >] post.

The comments were bout one thing tht mny people t G+ re pssionte bout: pproprite behvior.

I didn't reply to the comments for few resons:

0. They ll mde excellent points, there ws not much to dd. :)

1. The comments hd nothing to do with the posted topic. I belive someone should hve strted new post nd invite the commenters to tht post.

2. All the polite people commenting (nd I men relly polite) there didn't figure out tht the person to whom the post ws dedicted to, might be reding their comments. And tht it is somehow unpolite tlking bout something else t the post tht ws bout someone.

3. I ws imgining tht it is simmilr s if I entered one of the gret +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106909313027624222688">G+GoTo Gl hngouts nd strted discussing something totlly off the topic.

OK, so this is it. I will dre to invite (spm, notify, kindly sk) the commenters from tht post to this post if you wish to continue the discussion. :) But will not notify you bout other posts, I promise. Unless I see metheor pproching the erth or something. :)

PhotoCredit: < href="" >
Lego Trampoline

My son wnted trmpoline for his little fellows. So we did it nd it worked. :)
Smrt guy, this Albert . :)
Free eBook from the future

Here is the cse. My der friend +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk is on n mzing journey of writing her first (e)book. And we just mde step further by relesing her first version before she knows it. :) And lucky for you, it is free version. I'm sure she will chrge the full version quite hevily. All the content is from her Google+ posts.

This is just the first of 3 free eBooks we hve creted tody. There is more, you cn crete your own free eBooks from your own Google+ posts. In minutes. No big del.

Did I mention we hve creted free eBook bout Google+ with mzing +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105103058358743760661">Gideon Rosenbltt s co-uthor? :)

< href="" >

Enjoy the summer, we will crete more free eBooks from the best uthors round the Google+. If you just don't mke it fster thn we do. :)
In case you need an umbrella.
Back to normal after a day of temperature.
That's nice afternoon.
Is Facebook a Ghost town?
I promise you folks, next time I see "Google+" problems post, I will spm the post with comment:

I m posting bout chnge, mrketing, society, communiction, psychology, progrmming nd ll others kinds of stuff on Fcebook nd just not getting ny "likes" nd "comments".

And my number of friends is not rising. From the beginning when I hd stedy growth, it is just not rising nymore. Wht is wrong?

Fcebook must by dying or something. Oh noooooo....
Is Facebook a Ghost town?

Our "friends" numbers are not growing. There is not much engagment anymore. Small number of comments. No "Like"s. What is going on in Facebook? Is it becoming a Ghost town?

Dear all, this is our response to endless debates about Google+ "problems", "issues" and "engagement not growing". Please stop debating this issue, because even if there is a time when your circles don't grow, if nobody responses to your posts and nobody +1's them, it is not by far any signal.

We don't have any responses on our Facebook page. Because we are not posting there. But not just because of that. But because we never had almost any responses there. Because people "like" us there, they don't want to join our discussions. They just "like" what we do.

So please start changing your behavior: instead of posting about "there is nothing here on Google+" and trying to find millions of reasons why, post a quote from your favorite book.

#english   #googleplus  
Experience Autism through Carly's Eyes
Please folks, go for it. Talk about autism at least for today. It is present and we can help.

Words from Crly Fleischmnn:

So tody is the wrp prty for nd my drem nd my wish is tht tody the world gets to experience Autism through my eyes. I hve never sked this before but I think tht socil medi cn connect with the world unlike ny other medium. This is Why I m sking for your help to turn socil medi into utism medi for tonight. I need everyone to shre on ny socil medi tht you hve.

For tonight utism should be buzz word not word tht people dont wnt to tlk bout. You nd I re ll the sme nd tonight we re going to do something so mzing tht everyone is going to tlk bout it tomorrow. We re going to re tweet this, shre it nd post it on every socil medi site nd even get the ttention of reporters strs nd politicins.

A wise mn once told me tht life is bout understnding but how cn we understnd some thing when we don't tlk bout it. 
Tonight we tlk bout it. Tonight we shre it. Tonight we strt something mzing. 

Tonight we see utism @
< href="" >
Let's go?
Forgotten garden of love.

Old house, forgotten in time.

                 Rusty fence, hiding secret.

                                 A grden, tresure of love.

Reminded me of my first Commodore 64 gme, Hunchbck. :)

< href="" >
Some are different. Standing out of the crowd.

So wht bout you?
Reminders controversy

Eventully - every (especilly business) ppliction develops "reminders". People go wow, how didn't I think bout tht before, mzing ide. Developers go wow, simple to do, but relly cool, I will get to ply with some jx nice solution.

Then, fter the pp genertes more thn 10 reminders, everyone strts hting them. :)
Bragging rights: make chocolate disappear ...
And the brgging rights I hve red tody (mde me circle the uthor):

Why are there no European streaming services?

Now Europe, you re wken up I ssume. So I'm just wondering if nyone knows why there re no services s Netflix, Pndor, Hulu,... in Europe? Or do I not know bout them?

Becuse this is relly becoming nnoying. I cn hve ny smrt-whtever device, but still cn't py∓wtch/listen movies/rdio online.

Perhps +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="108549873871553806005">Europen Union hs ny nswers? Or +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk? Anyone?

Or is this just perfect mrket opportunity?
Next time someone tells me I am complicating, I will send them to the +Skype website.
Product looks awesome, but the presentation is the worst I have seen in a loooooooooooong time.
Frigging AWESOME!! Damn shame its not Android driven though!!
When your legs get tired, run with your heart
The best one tody:

I don't know the uthor, sorry.
Waiting for the bus. For a long time.

Not sure how long the old ldy is lredy witing for tht bus. But it seems like long time.
Freedom. Future.

This is story bout getting out of the deth trin. Looking t the future of freedom. Of hope bout the endless possibilities tht it brings.

We re the future of these people. And s such, we re obliged to mke it kind, friendly nd loving future.


This is nother story tht I hve red tody through +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="112387482358179693733">Slv Cstro  post on 40 of the Most Powerful Photogrphs Ever Tken [< href="" >].
Nature was really beautifully coloured this weekend...
Visit the cemeteries this weekend
So, did you visit the cemeteries this weekend? Learn the history and culture of your town, region and Europe.

Perfect weekend to visit cemeteries. Hundreds of events tking plce ll over Significnt cemeteries of Europe: < href="" >

Join for concerts, tours, open museums dys, movie premiers, poetry, workshops nd other interesting events.
Love and war

Got to reding this nice story tody fter hitting on it by yesterdy's +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="112387482358179693733">Slv Cstro post. Interesting, since wr ws most probbly full of such love stories mong fighting sides.

My grndfther, s germn doctor, ctully fell in love with crotin girl, my grndmother. They hd love ffir for more thn yer nd promised ech other to get together gin fter the wr. No such luck, s he ws killed few dys lter. But the story, s mny others, lives with us. Expressing the simple truth, tht love cn overcome fer, nger nd wr.
Moan Lisa's Art Akademie™

First Month of Clsses !!!

here is how we do things, every dy we re open for clss, we hve theme given by the hshtg. To hve your work included with the other students', ll you do is post your work, include the hshtg so people cn find it through the hshtg strem, nd plus-mention >+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105880196803944029544">Mon Lis's Art Akdemie™ so we know you've posted your work nd cn reshre. To find the specific ssignment for the dy, go to +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="100023157559338709359">MLAA™ Course Syllbus nd see the most recent post, it should be kept up to dte. Only circle the syllbus pge if you wnt to receive notifictions of the new ssignment, otherwise just bookmrk it or go to < href="" > if it mkes your life esier.
Statement that can't be false ever? :)
This is the oldest I have ever been
Many friends in Italy were striken this week with earthquakes. Really sad for them. Wish them all a fast recovery and getting up with the Italian spirit.
Good morning!

Not a so good morning in my country though...
but I hve to sy it out loud, sorry folks (do not red if you don't like negtive posts; I promise, I won't repet soon):

Fcebook, your shres cn drop to 0 tody nd you cn remove your servers out of our lives. I would not miss single comment, photo or post nd would be gld to serch for my friends gin on Google+ or ctully ny other service on the plnet (even better - live). My 20 minutes of prepring post were gone becuse you thought it is spmmy. Wow, you must be out of your engineering luntic smrt mind.

#rge #therpy #smrtss
Cn nyone help on this question? Personlly, I cn't remember such shop ever being nerly tsty.
What are your favorite delicatessen / gourmet food web shops?

We're working on a web architecture for a client's gourmet food web shop, and looking for more inspiration.

What are your favorite, and the best, delicatessen or food web shops out there? What eCommerce website caught your attention regarding great information architecture, customer-friendliness and usability?

// Image credit by
Not on the postcard

This is the prt of the town you won't see on the postcrd. It is s ugly s it is. But it is mzing nywy. Just in different wy. The everydy wy.
Less is more. Most of the time. Clever example in complex world.
Anyone else wondering wht is hpenning to Google ? Stepping wy for Bing?
Bing, here is your chance

We might be wrong and can't wait to hear from you, why we are wrong. Certainly we do not wish another search engine to get used to.

But Google+ search is not functioning properly for any obvious reason. And I am not talking just regular search in Google or here in Google+. I am talking about Google+ API that just started returning weird results. And this is the only part it should not go wrong - in searching.

Only 2 cases (from several discovered these days):

1. posts (noted by +Visnja Zeljeznjak yesterday)

Tell us, how do you find these posts through any regular Google search? Please, do try anything. We hope we all together come down to the mystery of Google+ search.

2. Google+ API results

Here you can try the API and "play" with it []. As we try to execute, we get 1 result. When we do search in Google+ itself, we get all the results we need [].

If you ever switch to "Most recent" in API, there is simply no results.

G*oooooo*gle, what is your business?

#google #googlesearch #fail
Highly Relevant Circle
Yes, I'm proud. Feels like being chosen for the top 100 of the world. :)

But that's not the point of sharing this circle. Point is that each time I add people +Gideon Rosenblatt reccomends, my stream just becomes richer, more powerful, more full of knowledge.

So if you wish to engage, learn and add your knowledge, add these people. You will not regret it.

I've gotten bit out of the hbit of shring circles ltely, nd so thought I'd shre this group of people tht Google thinks re most relevnt to me (in other words, the first 100 I get when I click on "Your circles" nd sort by "Relevnce").

Looking t this group, I'd hve to sy tht Google does very good job. Not perfect. There re people who I feel I interct with lot here who re not in this top 100 of "most relevnt" ccording to the Google relevnce lgorithm. The only tweks I mde were to tke out smll hndful of folks who ren't ll tht ctive on G+, but hd high relevnce becuse they re Gmil contcts I emil lot.

So tht's it. Enjoy this group. It's gret group of people. Very interesting content. Some re big Google Plussers, some not so big, but ll re relevnt - t lest to me - nd if they ren't lredy, I hope they will soon be for you s well.
I don't post soccer many times because of a lot of American friends around. But this is about video effects that most of us might like.
So random yet so funny! Thanks to +Tony Fadel for originally posting this. #football #soccer #funny
Every once in a while, someone strikes me with a photo out of this world.
Eco church

This morning, when pssing by the store, this nun cme out, sitting on the bike nd tking off. It ws interesting to see. Agile, determined, with modern brnded bckpck nd bike. But still trditionl, peceful, tking cre of nture nd people. Wonderful morning.
Poor Apple users. Always said I ain't gonna buy one. :)
Errrr...something missing in your SkyDrive comparison table Microsoft?

#skydrive #microsoft
Publishing is Changing
True. And I have an idea about that. :)


Buy one of my books on SEO, socil medi mrketing or socil medi, nywhere, in ny formt nd with proof of purchse you re entitled to lifetime updtes of tht title in eBook formt. #eBooks #seomrketing #socilmedimrketing
How becme NeverNote :)
I will delete my +Evernote account today and drop all the notes I've made there. Last weeks the Website was loading slower and slower, sometimes not responding. Today it is not loading at all.

Asked other folks here on G+ if they had similar problems, but it seems that in the US and in UK the Evernote Web version works OK. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I live in Central Europe. yes, I could contact their Helpdesk, but you know... I don't want to loose time on such suicide mission.

Ah, I will also uncircle +Evernote, as they never post anything :-/
TV advertising isn't dead (yet)

I do wtch TV sometimes. Soccer mtch. Discovery or Ntionl Geogrphic or something. Or if I fll into some old mzing movie I like. And few weeks go I ws in gony becuse movie lsted for lmost 4 hours with dvertising in between every 10 or 15 minutes. Tht ws the most nnoying movie wtching ever. Mel Gibson with constnt tooth brushing. But I wnted to go to the end just to be sure this is rel.

It ws hrd to explin it lter, so I didn't. I didn't hve much dt either, just the feeling of being exploited by very very bd TV chnnel.

Yesterdy, nother guy ws recording dvertising nd show time for X-fctor by the sme TV chnnel. This is the relity - for ech lmost 10 minutes of show, more thn 10 minutes of dvertising. (first nd third line re the dvertising time)

#dvertising #tv #incredible #fcts
Warm, funny, kinda hmmm? Google+ experience

It is funny, when you re looking t someone's profile nd notice tht she is looking t yours nd you re reshringplusing ech others posts nd... ll t the sme moment on different sides of plnet. :)

Cool moments with +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113129299593678810557">Shir Gl
What's the status of climate, +Brian Greene ? We are having quite cold spring here. :)
Long time no walks

Vction, viruses, bd wether, other excuses. Just getting my lbum to grow to slowly. Folks, I need some motivtion here. Should I continue? :)
Walk This Way
An interesting comment by +Vincent Murphy :)

"When anyone asks me if I believe in aliens I say; 'Well I do see Little Green Men every time I cross the road'."
Because the truth is out there

I love street photogrphy. It's difficult, you gott ct fst, be brve, hve n eye nd know everything bout photogrphy (if there is something to ctully know, rther thn feel bout it).

So I'm just gld Google+ connected me to +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="112556402667625475320">Gérld Verdon who will fill up my strem with such gret imges.

#reccomendtion #rtists #photogrphy
Good morning, folks! back tonight. Have a great day!

Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya / ??

#CandidMoodTuesday, by +Paul Scott
#peopleandlife, by +Serein Lee +PeopleandLife #LifeScenes #streetphotography #monochrome #japan #tokyo
Ev Bogue, Writer: an Exclusive Interview on the Writing Process
"I no longer think of books as bricked objects. Instead, they’re more like software for me. I write and publish them, then I rewrite and publish them, then I rewrite and publish them. Every time what I’m attempting to transmit from me to you gets clearer."

Here's prt #1 of the promised interview with Everett Bogue, one of my fvorite writers. If you're writer yourself (nd you re when you sy you re), you'll benefit from knowing how other successful writers work.

Red the interview on my blog:
< href="" >

I'll be publishing prt #2 of the interview bout building n internet mrketing pltform soon.

You should follow +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="116298207273891385223">Ev Bogue becuse he mkes people think. He cn show you how to live nywhere in the world nd be n online uthopreneur.

He's populr minimlist, nd supports himself with his writing. I'm his true fn.
New Google+ for Android:
I'm about to get more addicted? Damn... :)?
polish nd performnce

We continue to work towrd simpler, more beutiful Google, nd tody we're ccelerting these efforts with new Google+ pp for Android phones. The updte includes lots of highly-requested fetures—like the bility to strt hngout on the go, nd to edit posts inline—s well s strem tht celebrtes the rich content shred cross Google+. In ll cses we're building for mobile future, nd we're excited bout wht's hed.

Strt hngout from nywhere, nd ring the folks tht mtter most

With Hngouts we wnt to help people connect fce-to-fce-to-fce—t ny time, from nywhere. Of course, there's relly only one device tht's lwys by your side—your phone—so we've invested in mobile hngouts since erly on. Tody we're dding nother importnt feture to the mix: the bility to strt hngout directly from your mobile device.

To get strted, tp “Hngout” in the (new) nvigtion ribbon, dd some friends nd tp “Strt.” We'll ring their phones (if you wnt), nd if someone misses the hngout, they cn ring you bck with single tp.

Shre your fvorites, nd feel wesome fterwrd

When you shre with your circles, we owe you n experience tht's both intimte nd immersive. Your time nd your reltionships re precious, fter ll, so your posts should mke you feel proud. Tody's new Android pp tkes this to hert, with full-screen medi in the strem, converstions tht fde into view nd instntly-touchble ctions like +1.

Do more, in less time

We think you’ll find tody’s pp nicer to look t, but we’re lso mking it esier to use. Improvements include:

A nvigtion ribbon tht slides in nd out, providing quick ccess to just bout everything.

The bility to downlod photos directly from Google+, nd turn them into wllpper.

The chnce to edit posts inline, in cse you mke ny mistkes while on the go.

The updte is vilble now from Google Ply (version 2.6), so we invite you to downlod Google+, nd let us know wht you think!
< href="" >

I''ll do my webstuff while waiting as well. :)
[Blogpost] This week, the future finally started
Your own blog from Google+ posts WITH MENUS (tags)
Good morning plusers. Just wanted to repost about having your own website from Google+ posts. Seems like a nice day to do it for your own thoughts. :)

This is ctully repost from our originl post from Jnury 20th: < href="" >

Use cses:
1. Our own blog: < href="" >
2. A website tht ctully sells stuff: < href="" >

Yes, everything there is from Google+ posts. Well... no, heder bckground nd some other stuff is sttic. :) And order forms re Google Forms. But ctully, it is complete website from Google+ posts.

It is simple
OK, t lest if you hve ever done some html/jvscript/css. It shouldn’t tke you more thn few hours to figure it ll out nd crete your own blog.

Go to < href="" > In jvscript, chnge:
- userId (to your Google+ pge or profile)
- piKey (plese check out < href="" > to get YOUR key)
- serchLnguge
- serchTg
- nd surely, the css (design) :-)

More to come
Yes, we will develop possibility for non-tech users soon. It’s just … we’re quite occupied with other projects right now. :)

If you like it, don’t forget to mention to +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113117251731252114390">Mike Elgn (dvice from our der friend +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk from +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105934103923933767980"> - Python ∓ Djngo custom development :)).

Posted by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="110770161580526445977">Dusn Vrbn

#english #googleplus #website #blog #google
Connecting Hangouts on Air to YouTube Channels - a Visual Guide
Very useful.

via +Kainoto and +Luis Galarza

This Step by Step visul guide shows ll the required steps s Annotted Screen Shots. The process needed to properly connect YouTube chnnels, Google Plus Pges nd Hngouts On Air such tht they ll work well together cn be bit confusing.

This visul guide will tke you through the process step by step. Follow long nd you cn hve your Brnded +Pge present Brnded HoA Brodcst nd the resulting recorded video will end up sfely in the Brnded YouTube Chnnel... drem come true for Business-Minded folks tht cre bout (you guessed it)... Brnding!

Add us here t +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114101867437445899106">Mking Google Plus Work to your circles for tips nd posts on How People ∓ Businesses re Mking Google Plus Work.

There re couple relted blog posts tht discuss the process s well, but this one is mde for those who prefer to lern visully.

For those tht wnt to see the written blog posts (they do include quite few screen shots s well), we hve 2 of them redy:

1) When you re ble to strt from scrtch with new +Pge nd new YouTube Chnnel: < href="" > (this is the post tht goes into the most detil).

2) When you hve n existing YouTube chnnel tht you wnt to keep nd send your HoA videos to tht prticulr chnnel from +Pge: < href="" >

Enjoy the show... let us know in the comments how it helps you understnd the process needed to mke ll these prts 'ply nice together' - nd how mny Brnded sets you think you'll be mking.

- -
#ho #hngouts #youtubetips #googleplustips #videomrketing
Tg: Connecting Hngouts on Air to YouTube Chnnels
- -
Hmm... I think this is kinda a cool. If there was not Google+ actually.

Well wait. There is something here that G+ doesn't have. You can actually design text. Add photos and video. Set selling price. And the design is it's own. Makes me wonder.
I need to get back to school. Or take a ride. Hmm...
“I left business school knowing all the answers. They didn’t tell me the questions would change.”

Browser Girls
In reality, my chosen Chrome doesn't look as nice as the Opera. :) Is a redhead though, cutie. :)

If browsers were girls, they would look something like this:
Website from 20th century

Just rn into website we did s students for n Interntionl Advertising Competition in 1998 (I think) for Compq. Funny times, we even took time to drw Q-mn. :)

We ctully chieved worldwide finls (brg). . :)

< href="" >
Sometimes in your life, you just need to remind people that it can be fun. :)
No! No! NO!
I must be in a different universe today. :) I can't login to Flicker with my Google Apps account. Great job, Yahoo developers.
download Picasaweb photos
I will ctully nd uplod them to Fcebook, so I cn use them embed in the Google Clendr. Becuse, for some unknown reson, Google clendr chnges every embed Pics Weblbum imge into void.gif.

Sometimes +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="104898479113219628100">Life t Google mkes me wnn screm.

#integrtion #google #fil
I'm the first Dusan Vrban. Though my body looks better. :)
"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan."
After a while, one of the economic articles that made me think. Simply because it is way off from everyday copy-paste I assume.
QR code reveals itself on glass only when it's filled with Guinness!
I love marketers that produce something new rather than just copy the other ideas. Great one.

Mrketers tke note! Guinness is running mrketing cmpign clled Guinness QR Cup. You cn't see QR code etched into the glss until you fill it with Guinness. (Most other beers ren't drk enough to work.) Then you cn snp pic with your smrt phone, t which point "it tweets bout your pint, updtes your fcebook sttus, checks you in vi 4 squre, downlods coupons nd promotions, invites your friends to join, nd even lunches exclusive Guiness content."

< href="" >

Posted first on Google+ by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="116309987679592341939">Jmes Moore.
Google's Transparency Report - What Happened?
Anyone knows the answer? I suppose it must be something obvious. Perhaps governments can't make such requests anymore? :) Or?

When I first sw this report, I thought it ws wonderful ide for exposing the kinds of censorship pressure tht compnies like Google hve from vrious governments round the world. Looks like Google my not be doing this nymore?

If not, tht is rel shme...
Shadows can be fun
The via mention

To nyone I'm reshring posts ltely from - sorry, but I often forget the vi mention. Not sure if tht is terrible, but I simply forget cuse I'm focused on content. Wish it ws utomted.
Cool. Great way of doing it.
In a surprise ceremony, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private wedding at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. on Saturday.

Zuckerberg, who just became a billionaire as a result of the Facebook IPO on Friday, reportedly placed a ring on his wife’s finger during the ceremony — the ring, said to be designed by Zuckerberg himself, was described as featuring a “very simple ruby.”

According to the Associated Press, Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla Chan took place in front of about 100 invited guests who thought they were celebrating Ms. Chan’s medical school graduation. It all happened in Zuckerberg’s backyard.

Take a look at Zuckerberg’s personal page on Facebook, and you’ll see the above picture, which Zuckerberg reportedly placed onto his own site as a change of his status after the ceremony.

The couple met while both were attending Harvard, and have been together for nine years.
No.. really? :)
Just noticed a sponsored post in facebook Mobile stream. Profit margins must be raised I guess? :-)
World is still full of stupidity

Disclimer: I might be wrong, I do not know the cse. But nywy, it hurts me.

I don't cre if she is blck or yellow or white. Tking her wy for 20 yers from her children for feeling thretened is stupid thing in stupid world. I know lwyers will sy "tht's the lw", but tht's stupid excuse.

Her children will live without her mother for 20 yers. Wht will this do to them? And for wht reson? Society will py most probbly some 80$ per dy just for her nd then nother 200$ for her children for the rest of their lifes for different resons (helth problems t lest becuse of the stress they re going through now).

There re zillions of better options how to punish such behvior. Educte the womn tht gun in the sme house s children is bd ide nd bd husbnd cn be replced by good husbnd. Whtever, just don't prison someone for 20 yers becuse they shot wll. Crzy. Crzy. Crzy.
The local NAACP chapter and the district's African-American congresswoman say blacks more often are incarcerated for long periods because of overzealous prosecutors and judges bound by the wrong-headed statute. Alexander is black.
BLACK? Would never have guessed from the photo
Netscape 8.1
So, any Netscape users around here? :)
Love this site, but I think someone should tell +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="102371865054310418159">NASA to updte their disclimer t the top of the pge, which reds:

Your web browser must hve Jvscript turned on. The following browsers hve been successfully tested with Google Mps:

Mcintosh - Firefox, Sfri 2.0.4
Windows - Firefox 2.0, Explorer 6.0,
Linux - Firefox
Netscpe died yers go.
Google+ is...
So, are you seeing out of that box? Most of you do, I know. :)

And we've just followed the rules of +Visnja Zeljeznjak Glog system. How's that blue color striking out? :)

There ws long debte tody [< href="" >] bout Google+ usbility s publishing pltoform. And +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="107758189842406357182">Angie Nikoleychuk "fil to see one single benefit of blogging on G+ insted of posting the content on website nd simply shring it here.".?

We relly do not wish for Angie or other mzing bloggers to see one single benefit. We wish her to see ll the benefits. :) But to see them, it is importnt tht we step out of Google+ box.

A socil network?

For most of non-regulr users, this box seems to be closed down network where you shre content. The difference between this nd Twitter ctully could be just the number of chrcters nd few buttons.

This is true. Google+ is socil network simmilr to Twitter with lot of other fetures. As it is supposed to be in yer 2012.

A content mngement system? (CMS) [< href="" >]

Next thing people do spot re quite some dditionl possibilities to the Fcebook posts. You cn ctully mke text bold, itlic nd strikethrough. Tht's still not lot nd we expect some sort of html editor from Google, but it's still much more thn FB. And ctully, more thn enough for most posts.

But most of ll, the content cn be gthered through API. You cn reuse it nywhere in ny formt. We did our english blog [< href="" >], Ghost town news [< href="" >] nd even n employment portl with it (sorry, it's just slovenin, no link for now).

Tht is why we strongly belive this is gret content mngement system. Becuse you cn reuse the content.

A Customer Reltionship Mngement System? (CRM)

Some notice, others don't. Circles is prtilly customer reltionship system. It might not be connected to your invoices yet, but with some development in future (connecting to Google Apps nd tht mrketplce) you might ctully connect your customers with their previous orders. Oh, not to mention some possible Milchimp integrtions? It is lredy in your Gmil ddressbook.

A project mngement system? [< href="" >]

This is one of the less obvious fetures, but using circles, you might ctully hve gret wy of discussing things with your tem. Open tsks, documents, designs nd the rest of the stuff? Are your tem members in the other side of the plnet? When they wke up, you'll get comments, not emils. Mkes business life hndy. And new tem members dding simple thing. Not to mention Hngouts tht strike out.

Eductionl system? [< href="" >]

Before there ws Moodle. Now it's Google+ with hngouts. Chnging the scenery of teching, seminrs, eductionl workflow. Just check it out.

Still, is there ny visible benefit over regulr blog (like Wordpress)?

Well, not if you just wish to blog s you did lst yer. And certinly not, if you re trying to write n cdemic reserch with 200 pges.

But if you re looking for enggement, future CRM nd project mngement system nd if wish to educte your public - then the nswer is simply yes. Becuse Google+ is not tht little box you re trying to put on the shelf somewhere. It is system tht llows reusing of the dt in your website (for non Google users to see it). You cn do there whtever you wish with it. But within Google eco system, it llows much much more. And there re just no hidden server nd development costs. :)

#english #googleplus #google #publishing #cms #chnge
Really nice one. My colleague at work +Jure Brložnik is also developing an interesting app for Android, based on Google maps, that would prevent cyclers (or others) from crashing together when driving at higher speeds, in nature and simmilar. His app actually sends SMS with last known location to a predefined number if you fall and do not respond in certain time.

Yes, technology can save lives.?
Very touching story about the impact that software, in this case Google Maps, can make on people's lives.
Talking about sun protection? :)
Companies designed and organized around customers and experiences
Back to marketing basics. Everything is service. Products get copied.

A gret post by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="117373186752666867801">Dve Gry.
OK, another photographer I'm exposing today. She has something special that speaks to me. My stream will be enriched again I feel.

Good night, world.
Scrapbook Photos
I would just love to travel there.
At A Pay Phone, Trying To Call Home
Finally, our website is launched
I am telling you now and I will repeat. These guys are seriously awesome. I mean, luckily the 4 team members photos also have 1 nice inbetween. :)

But don't focus on that. Focus on the approach. Usability and conversions. Per project work. Strategy first. Coding last.

In my opinion, one of the best European web agencies you might get.

I will sell you eventually, - Python & Django custom development :)

Our English website is locted t < href="" > nd is now online.

You cn hire us to do two gret things for you:

1. Crete usble web rchitecture tht converts visitors to users nd buyers,
2. Develop stble, custom-built web pp or website for your business, using Python nd Djngo.

#python #djngo #webdevelopment
about you
You hve to red this. Seriously, red it. It is .
Something I've been wanting to write for a long while - got a draft post on this from over six months ago, but today it just demanded to get written.
"Everything has beauty. But not everyone can see it."
So, do you see it? Most of plusers do, I'm sure. :)

+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="118041799251814970462">Confucius
I assume that in rapid progress we are seeing almost daily, such reports might become common. There are other flaws I can notice on using different Google products. But surely, time will outcome them.
Development, always worthy of supporting.
Five organizations bringing clean cookstoves, and other appropriate technologies, to the developing world. Among them: +Trees, Water & People
I'm a Google fanboy and this is just sad.
+Enry Esl is angry, but he's still awesome cat. :)
Thought you folks would be keen to know the constnt bshing from the medi on G+.

Mny of us hve rised the concern of non rotting SUL resulted in Princelings tht re rrognt. (500 users with 500K followers ech is wy better bet thn 40-50 with 1.5 - 2.5 Mill followers.) - coupled with other issues.

I've seen G+ Photogs very ctive on FB gin for the lst 2 months. Some lredy ditched G+.

Grpevine hs it tht Thoms Hwk is ssisting FB to crete SUL too. So much for mking him king here.

+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="107117483540235115863">Vic Gundotr +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113116318008017777871">Brdley Horowitz +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106702324621449002266">Mrc Belley +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="111095045247360522931">Alexnder Sfonov +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="107040353898400532534">Euro Mestro +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="109813896768294978296">Sergey Brin +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106189723444098348646">Lrry Pge

< href="" >
Good point in a short video. Donation done.
Just ...
I just like +Benjamin Cortis work. If you wish to see great photos in your stream without much words. Einfach, just follow him. :)

Einfch nur ...

#femle #fru #licht #licht #bokeh #bokehlover #portrittuesdy #plusphotoextrct #feelingsfridy #forestfridy
What to say to your new followers?

+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="111283416647206388433">Re Ouzts sked n interesting question. I hve noticed round tht some people use post to thnk ll the new followers nd in the sme post explin the possible circles to be included.

This is the best prctice I hve seen nd hven't got to use it - mostly becuse I shre everything to Public, except some lnguge-region specific things which I post to certin circles.

Wht is your best prctice or wish? And nother question - if I shre with specific circle, do they get notified (red squre)?
Question: Do you thank someone when they share you in a circle? I always do because I know the amount of time it takes to curate a circle that is worthy of sharing. Answer 1. yes or 2 no in comments.
I love this change.
Woke up and thought "it's night in New York". What are they doing there? York

Seems like someone is under the bridge. :)
Can we upload images from this to Picasa? :)
SD card from 1982...
Most Talked About People On Social Networks
Oh so excellent.

I strted noticing trend throughout the socil medi sphere. Every socil network hs slightly different types of converstions tht tke plce. After doing little reserch (nd seeing folks like +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113117251731252114390">Mike Elgn confirm my suspicion) I decided to crete this simple photo tht tells the story.

Enjoy g+niuses. ;)
interests newtork
OK, folks, here is the ide we hve bout engging your friends from FB (nd others) to Google+.

As it ws discussed in the ever perfect +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105103058358743760661">Gideon Rosenbltt post [< href="" clss="ot-nchor">], Google hs some sort of enggement problem. People come from Fcebook, see there is "nothing" (no friends) nd leve. Mny see the solution in even better content nd circles currtion (which is lredy mzing in my opinion). We see solution in presenting the Google+ content in simple, "rticle kind of" website. Since Google+ is , people could find their interesting content very simple. Enggement should follow simply when these users (mostly non-technicl, scred of new things) get round regulrly.

So wht do you think bout this ide? (plese note, this is bet; spooky things might hppen when you test it out)

If you like it, just send some interesting link to friends (replce word mzing with the friends interests):
< href="" clss="ot-nchor">

And yes, Like button is there intentionlly (lthough it tke lot of resources). :)
Spooky simple news []

Seems like we could launch in a few hours. It is about time we get out of the dark. :) Here is a bit of explanation:

1. Our website is for two kinds of people:
- NoPlusers; ordinary people that do not understand Google+, but do wish to get some great content and ideas
- Ghosts that wish to have some simple content (interests) following on daily basis

2. Our website is spooky beta. So it may include some unintentional behavior that will scare you.

2a. Google+ API is in beta. So we're limited on daily queries and therefore refresh tags per daily basis. If you are hungry for more than you see, use the Google+. :)

3. Content is from ghosts, which all happen to be Google+ users. We do not create content there. Oh, sure, some of our posts might get up there if you will search for "spooky". :)

4. If you don't like what you see, you can always leave, we won't hunt you. Neither will we terrify you in dreams or whatever. Since we are good ghosts, please report any unapropriate content to original content creator. As mentioned in point 3, we do not create the content.

5. If you wish to tell us something, circle us and we'll be glad to answer.

#about #beta
Google Drive "missing feature"

I'm tgging kind person. And for moment I thought tht with moving from Docs to Drive I ws loosing the bility to hve 1 document in severl collections (folders). Luckily, it is still there, just used in different wy.

Thnks Kelly for this: While in "orgnize" hold down the Control key for Windows or the Commnd key for Mc to select multiple plces for your content to be "in".
The actual USS Enterprise could be built within the next 20 years!
i would contribute some €'s if I can have a ride when it's finished. :)
#strtrek #DIY

The BuildTheEnterprise (BTE) website describes how to build the first USS Enterprise spceship, bsed on technologies within our rech, over the next twenty yers. You red tht right. It’s possible for the United Sttes of Americ to build the first genertion of USS Enterprise given the ntionl will to do so.

more info: < href="" >
Have to import my Panoramio photos to G+ once. Just opened this memory of incredible Budapest, city of heroes.
Walk slow, enjoy the view

+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk wnts us to explin more bout the photos. Well, I didn't relly think much when I took this photo on my regulr wlk to the office. I ws wlking fst nd sw nother wonderful green prt of our town, in between buildings. But then this old mn ppered nd mde me relized I cn wlk slowly s well. No rush, just tke deep breth nd enjoy the view. Wht dy. :)
So did anyone check our QR code in FB page? It has an interesting destination, full of amazing content. :)
A story I read almost every day since last July. Where is that G+ birthday celebration idea?
Google plus is fantastic, this is like the early days of the internet, when Usenet was useful and connected people and ideas, before all the noise.

Here because of the circles you can filter the noise, and still enable enough signal through that you can connect on ideas.

It just connected me with someone doing research in my area and in a way that would have never happened on facebook or twitter.
Right. Go and do it. Easily.
The Living Story Page
"The changes needed aren't just in content architecture, but in human workflow and roles."

The following is from +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105213631563395573575">Richrd Gingrs, hed of News Products t Google. It's prt of lrger piece on the news industry, which is well worth reding.

I'm clling this out though for those of you who hve your own blogs or website, becuse I think it's relly importnt point bout the wy we orgnize those sites going forwrd. I know I'm going to be thinking bout this in the re-design of Alchemy of Chnge over the next few months...

Richrd rgues strongly for evergreen story pges. It is not the brnd, not the site, but the story itself tht is the lifeblood online. Publishers should not think bout editions, or even ephemerl strems of rticles, but rther living story pges. Story pges re the most vluble rel estte. Wikipedi ws beting the Wshington Post's serch results on Anthrx, despite ll of the Post's gret reporting. [You'll find journlists complining bout this sort of internet result filed under "P", for "Prsites"] The Post publishes strem of new rticles with new URLs nd sends the olds ones to die in the rchives becuse they're still producing content for the dily newspper content model. The Wikipedi pge is constntly chnging nd remining updted, probbly to this dy, with persistent URL where people cn find it.

News publishers complined to Google tht their topics pges were being consistently beten by Wikipedi. These topics pges re not updted in reltime. The newsppers redesigned the topics pges nd begn to see success. Their long-term nswer to this question, though, ws to hire btches more rewrite people to mintin these topics pges. To someone fmilir with the internet, this is crzy tlk. Why wouldn't the journlist nd editor, who re experts in this topic, just own this pge s they own the bet itself? Shouldn't the news rticles themselves flow from chnges to the topic pge, rther thn rewriting rticles to produce n index? The chnges needed ren't just in content rchitecture, but in humn workflow nd roles. It comes bck to, "How do we build trust?" Trust requires getting trnsprent bout ll of the content we hve vilble to publish. It's expensive to produce, so shre it.

More: ? < href="" >

Also - my own series on "the renissnce of locl news" (my dd used to run locl pper when I ws kid): ? < href="" >

HT: +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114666063573544076847">John Hork
Mytemplates is a Google Documents extension (now google drive) for managing personal templates. Mytemplates works by finding your documents that have Mytemplates anywhere in the title.
I will admit. I feel proud and honored. G+ is a place of amazing connections that go beyond borders and make this world a nice village to live in.

And yes, if you want to know a great guy from Baltimore, +Ronnie Kirchner is the one. With a greek wife. :)
If there re nybody tht loves Google+ , then its definitely my friends t +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="111786718375792078981">Kinoto

After my connection with +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="110770161580526445977">Dusn Vrbn I hve found him ∓ his compny to be vluble business resource on Google+ They re well sesoned experts. Here is link to their Google+ pge
< href="" >

They re developing relly net Chrome extension clled Mytempltes or #myt for short.

Check it out!

< href="" >

They lso described clever wy to mke Google+ work for you s CMS on their pge titled Google+ s CMS

< href="" >

#googleplustips #cms #sloveni #chrome #extensions #googledocs #googledoctempltes #google
Food and nutrition crisis in Sahel region of Africa
If anyone has any € you can miss, check out this.

A potentilly ctstrophic food crisis in the Shel region of West nd Centrl Afric could ffect s mny s one million children. The food nd nutrition crisis resulting from severe drought, thretens the survivl of n entire genertion of children. Those children in eight countries - Burkin Fso, Chd, Mli, Muritni nd Niger, Cmeroon, Nigeri nd Senegl - re t risk of severe cute mlnutrition. Sprse rinfll, poor hrvests nd rising food prices hve left mny vulnerble nd wek, seeking medicl ttention.

32 Photos by Ben Curtis, Article by Pul Nelson ? < href="" >
OK, here starts my learning of Spanish. Then Catalonian, then French... Help me, Chrome.
Never just happened!
Never happened.
You know when there were ll those rumours couple of yers go bout Fcebook going to chrge, nd then Zuckerberg sid "Never gonn hppen"?

#fcebook #filbook #pytopost
Week of discovering European cemeteries
I know most of you don't like cemeteries. But if you happen to be near Dublin at the end of the month, you might try the events there. History and culture of Irish nation revealed.

"How mny! All these here once wlked round Dublin Fithful Deprted. As you re now so once were we."

#wdec #events #Irelnd #Dublin
So, are you prepared?

"Executives t Fukushim hd plnned for disster. They hd built 20 foot sewll. They hd redundncy with bckup genertors in cse the cooling system filed. And the nucler plnt powered down once the 9.0 mgnitude erthquke hit. Everything worked s plnned. But they were not prepred for the “unthinkble” extreme event."
can do
Wht floppy drives .

vi +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113015625351161553344">Arek Bekiersz.

#computers #history
Really impressivly done.
A stunning insight of our, humans, impact on Earth. The Holocene epoch, our epoch, lasts only for mere 12,000 years. It is a blink of an eye compared to eons of time that Earth exists. If you'd print 4+ billion years of our planet's life on a 24h clock, then we, humans, would be just hundreds of miliseconds...

And look what we did....

Via +Open Culture on Twitter (@openculture)
Sure. Soon I'll buy a Commodore to get back in time. :)
I must quit Google+

Seriously, I'm trying to +1 people's comments in emil. :)
I am not sure I want to drive again. Roads are dangerous.
Oh my, I was young once. :)
Someone loves someone. In a special way.

And I hve to work now, seey.
can bo done if you belive
Another story of wht . The boy who is def nd cn't spek won "strs" show with dncing nd now presents the song in video to def people. He ctully feels the bet nd dnces to it.

Tht's guy you should sponsor +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="111647990267476504720">Nike :)
On my way to the office. Should I really go to work?
Interesting. If Ottoman's didn't arrive, my father might have been born in Hungary. :) Although there might be mistakes in this video, it is interesting to see how WWI and WWII actually created most of what we know today about Europe.
Hungry? Ready for some fast food? Well, today, in globalised world, you can eat american fast food concept in a chinese box. Or something.

I do reccomend however, to just stick with some local food. :)
I never said that. I never posted this video. Amazing how in years 2000 and beyond humans can still behave like this.
Camera360 is a cool toy. :)
How to make your Google+ look like pinterest
That is just awesome. Wanted it for a long time. :)
Decisions, decisions...

Work in Google Apps Scripts or create a standalone solution? +1 your choice.
So, are you able to do it? Reconciliate. Just do it.
Stumbled over this gem from 2010 - not sure why this has never gone viral since its such a moving photo and story.

A Christian group shows up to a Chicago Gay Pride 2010 parade holding apologetic signs including "I'm sorry for how the church treated you".

Please refrain from negative comments
Sebastian Krueger
Now think. How much of a mathemathician, programmer and communicator you must actually be to make this. With your brain and hands, without photoshop.

Respect art. Sebastian Krueger is amazing indeed.
gret rtist... = < href="" >

#pinting #rt
German juice with American glass on Slovenian table. Most probably all from China.

True. You should know enough to not even ask such questions.
I guess this album won't have too many posts. Or perhaps a few years later. :)
Myt | Google Docs personal templates update

< href="" >

After some testing, we hve discovered tht new users might hve login problems. Well, fixed. :) Hppy docs templting.
A butterfly here, a butterfly there.
Spring and sea. Just can't avoid these guys. They really enjoy their coastal life. :)
So any incredible weather planet heating alerts in April?
Via +Sabina Podjed , great text and story. Gave me an idea.
The “unknown unknown” is unpredictable, because—like the wheel—had it been conceived by someone, it would have been already invented.
I've been thinking about this for awhile. But it needs improvement. Can you help?
Moan Lisa's Creative Minds Shared Circle
Some amazing people in here, really.

get it while it's hot.

plz dd ∓ reshre
Comparativa Google vs. Facebook
If I may add, on FB there is always a notification from the "What are you on XY?" apps. :)

(A los de Fcebook les v costr pillrlo)

Buenos dís
The same as with some other US lists that are counterproductive.
Sky was burning

From wht I know, this is due to the ir pollution in the west. But surely it ws gret ir this weekend in Crotin cost.
Memories dissapearing

Once upon time, it ws their villge. Now this is ll tht is left behind. Slowly disspering in time. Creting spce for new genertions.
The end

Ruins of house. Sun clock, some 150 yers old. The finl destintion of electricl cble, some 50 yers old. Will they be replced by wireless solr clock in ner future? A glss with informtion bout time nd wether?
4 days without G+ post

I hve missed you ll, but it ws gret weekend. :)
Improvements in Docs personal templates
[< href="" >]

Thnks to the feedbck, some improvements re lredy here:

Icons for documents types.
No commnd vlible for unsupported file types by the API.
Spredsheets open link bug destroyed.
Minor UI improvements.

How to fix any Computer
True :)
IT • OS • ( :

She is there. And I must work. So unfir. :)
I'm getting old

If the numbers on this house re from the yer it ws built, tht is just yer older house thn me. If tht's it, I'm getting old. :)
I just predicted 4 of 5 penalties correctly. I must be a visionary. :)
Lovin' Animoto

It is just gret wht you cn do with Animoto. Simple.
Google Docs personal templates

A few upgrdes done, like utomtic login. Feedbck plese. :)
Steel bends to be touched by grass.
GDocs & Gdrive in Google Apps

Just noticed tody in Google Apps Dshbord there is Google Docs ∓ Drive settings now. I think +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk is bout to hve few drinks tody. :)

Anywy, wht mkes me hppy is obvious integrtion into Google Docs. Now tht would mke me hppy, cn't wit to see if this will ctully be "Collection" in Docs?
Our new Facebook cover
Good morning, Google plusers.

We re feeling nughty tody, how bout you. :)

#english #fcebook #googleplus
How to start business page on Google+?
Have we forgotten anything, +Gideon Rosenblatt and +Visnja Zeljeznjak? :)

We will dre to respond with more importnt question: Why? Becuse, relly my der mrketing friend who is trying to strt business pge, re you redy:

1. To lern?
2. To engge in the communictions of others?
3. To contribute?

Becuse these re the min resons you should be hving to strt business pge on Google+. To lern, engge in their communictions nd contribute to overll knowledge. Tht is how Google+ community is living right now.

And if you re redy to lern, just strt tht business pge of yours. Put your soul there. Your words. Your wisdom. And let it be chnged by community.

Use the serch field nd seek the nswers. +1 the best nd comment on their thoughts. Engge in their communictions nd thinking. Contribute your knowledge.

And while doing it, hve fun nd put some provoking photo on your profile for the rest of us. :)

#generl #google #Chnge #googleplus #inspire #english
Vote for Google+

You might like Pinterest, but I don't. :) Choose yourself, but I'm sure you'll choose the right one.
Google+, Pinterest and More Nominated for Webby Awards; People's Voice Vote Ends on 26th April

Read more here:
Secret Garden

Sleepy morning. But such grdens lwys wke me up. Hidden from crowded streets. Just nice.
Thoughts from +Paul Barsch in MarketingProfs. Important thinking for developers. It is about design and design. And design. How simple and nice must your app be for the users.
GFCF pizza. That's a good sunday treat. :)
Talking about terminators these days? But interesting thought by +Danny Farnand: "Hopefuly they will give humanity a place of honor in the new society."
This video shows versions of DARPA and Boston Dynamics robots climbing stairs, walking on a treadmill and doing pushups. ... it won't be too long before we see them walking among us.
Important thoughts on technology design

I will dmit horrible truth - I've never opened Instgrm pge. I hve never seen screenshot, just thousnds of posts nd news bout it. After reding thi +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="101791633529127457696">Pul Brsch rticle, I will give it try. Becuse I belive s well tht design seprtes the pps.

And wht do you think? Is design the ctul competitive dvntge mong pps?
New gadget

Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens. Just wnted to sy this weekend I will hve lot of fun. :)
Just remembering christmas

Hd no luck to be wlking to the office tody. So just reshring one of the oldies. :)
Sping is slow this year.

I hve seen better mornings. Come on spring, wht re you witing for?
Send highlited text to email

One of the most useful Chrome extensions I hve found yet. Mrk, right click, send to my emil, where I cn work on it lter. Now I hve to mke lbel/filter in my Gmil for this stuff. :)
Google+ or Facebook?

One of the most visible topics on G+ in mny medi is still wether it is ghost town or not. Those tht use it, know the nswer, others re guessing.

I'm trying to stick out of the question becuse I'm sure this question will look funny in few yers. How could we ever live without it will be the question.

But nywy, to nyone outside criticizing G+ (obviously not using it), here is my nswer: If you drive BMW, I cn understnd you will never dmit Mercedes is better. :)

The end of my discussions bout it.

Technology is already in the cemeteries
Hey plusers, what would your QR have encoded?

Interesting how technology influences cemeteries. QR codes, ugmented relity nd more comming to Europen cemeteries this yer s well.

And wht re your thoughts bout new technology nd cemeteries? Any new ides besides QR?
#qr #grve
Fail is just a step to success

When I ws still student I've herd n interesting comprision bout Jck nd Hns. Jck is of course Americn businessmn nd Hns is Germn. The key difference between them is tht if Jck's business fils, he will try nother 20 times to succeed, while Hns will only did it once. After first filure Jck will sy: "I know exctly wht I did wrong. I will do it better nd I will mnge it next time.". Hns would probbly commit suicide fter his first business fils.

The comprison is of course totlly hypotetic, but shows well the difference in thinking bout pst filures. Even more importnt is, s Pul pointed out nicely [< href="" >], the most successful compnies or products re mde on the remins of 20 to 30 filures.

Pul explins well tht chnges re not liner, but in form of S curve. And bsed on this some strting trils will hve to fil, while 1 will just be huge success.

Did you know tht there were 35 compnies who tried to develop virtul worlds before Second Life, but without success?

And wht does it men for your business? Do not copy wht competition did well. Copy where they filed. Tke the filed ides, think bout why they filed nd find out if they cn be chnged so tht they become relly big success?

#oldschool #mrketing
Google Documents personal templates extension update

Smll improvements tody:
- shortcuts to new document nd new spredsheet
- serchfield for your documents (so you cn now use ny document s templte)

Might be bug or two in there, just let me know. :)
If only I had a key to this secret garden...
A Google+ Experiment in Collective Intelligence
If you've missed it, please fill in the answer.

(Revised to fix some problems from the first round. If you guessed lst time, you cn guess gin.)

Plese help me run n experiment to test whether the "wisdom of crowds" ctully works here on Google+ nd see if this community cn collectively guess how mny pieces of cerel re in the below glss vse.

[I clculted initil results from the first round, nd discovered I'd introduced some distortion with the imge I used (some people thought it ws two vses), so I need your help with one more round of dt before closing the experiment. If you guessed lst time, plese feel free to guess gin.]

Here re the two steps to run this experiment:

1) Using this Google Docs form, plese give your best one guess on how mny pieces of cerel re in the below glss vse:
< href="" >

2) Shre this post to help increse the ccurcy our collective guesses.

More info:

Individully, the probbility of your guessing the right number of pieces of cerel is relly low, of course. But if there truly is wisdom in crowd, then when the nswers of lrge number of people re verged together, it should converge on the right nswer. Tht's the theory, nd tht's wht we're testing here.

I will let this experiment run until 8PM GMT on April 18. No nswers fter tht point will be clculted. I'll then clculte the verge/medin nd look for some other results nd shre our collective guess with you in follow up post to report on just how wise we re - collectively. To mke sure you get it, I will post comment on every plce this post is shred, pointing bck to these results.

The ten people with the closest guesses will be fetured prominently in tht follow up post nd I'll lso highlight the people who shred the post in which those top ten guesses occurred s wy to recognize t lest some of you for helping to ensure the diversity nd decentrliztion of our guesses.

Thnks in dvnce for your help. I cn't wit to see the results nd shre them with you.

If you're interested in lerning more, here's Jmes Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds" book on Amzon:
< href="" >

And here's the Wikipedi rticle on "Wisdom of Crowds":
< href="" >
New variant of MyTemplates for Google Docs

OK, fter only 2 dys of using we were guessing tht it is much more useful if you cn ccess the templtes through popup in your Chrome toolbr. So here is new version of Chrome extension. You cn decide to stick with the old version though.

Behind the scenes, nothing new. Just personl templtes for Google Docs. :)
Not far from truth most probably, when I consider how many companies will try to do an app for the glasses. :)
Certosa Lion roars again
Learn Italian history through Bologna cemetery.

Amzing rt. Lern bout the monument perpetuting the memory of the innumerble Bologn citizens who died during the fights nd the politicl bttles for their country.

#restortion #bologn #itly #certos
ecret Grden

There is n old house on my wy to work. Abondened, noone living in there for quite some time lredy. But the grden, full of life. Tulips, birds, worms nd other little cretures tht found their *S*ecret grden.
Rainy morning

Even in the rin, morning wlks to the office cn be interesting. Wet, full of life.
Google documents templates
Already thinking of new features actually. What are your most annoying repetative actions in Google Documents that you would prefer to rather do with one click?

OK, mny of us wnted it. Remember, +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk? :) So, tody I decided to do first version of Google documents templtes. And provide it s Chrome App. Plese, I wish some feedbck. )
Google documents templates

OK, mny of us wnted it. Remember, +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106005511248220936527">Visnj Zeljeznjk? :) So, tody I decided to do first version of Google documents templtes. And provide it s Chrome App. Plese, I wish some feedbck. )
How to cause a HRt attack
That is a brilliant idea actually. :)

I once worked s temp for the Humn Resources Deprtment of very lrge luxury five str hotel in New York (rhymes with Mldorf Westori).

One of my most tedious tsks ws to sift through the literlly hundreds of Resume's tht cme in every dy.

One morning the top HR boss ws wlking pst my desk nd sw I'd divided tht morning's rrivls into two piles, 'Wht you doing?' she sked.

I sid I'd developed cool system tht I'd now been using for months; every dy I'd tke ll the incoming Resumes nd divide them into two equl piles, then I'd select one of the two piles t rndom nd dump it stright into the trsh becuse I'd guessed tht the compny hd no desire to employ unlucky people.

To this dy I still cherish the look of bsolute horror nd pnic on her fce.

It took me while to convince here they were in fct the red nd unred pile.
The end.

Most people think ded While wlking the cemetery. I think life. I think rt. Memories. Poems. Love.
It is comming soon. Get ready. :)
Educative day at cemetery

Yesterdy we hd school in cemetery, recognizing some of the most impornt history events nd people relted to Pobrežje cemetery. It ws gret experience nd time for tking some interesting photos. Wht dy. Lovin' cemeteries.
Spring in the cemeteries
Cemeteries are always nice for a walk. But spring just brings colors and it becomes lovely.

Colours, flowers nd sun rrived to cemeteries. Any photos yourself?
Birdy bathroom

Yesterdy I ws t cemetery nd this birdy ws hving bth. Wht joy. :)
Snapshot of last winter
Just testing how the album will look like in the new stream. :)
True perfect solution. :)
I love all the whitespace. I finally have a place for my post-its.
What an interesting year we live in.
Facebook pages are not working
It is beyond imgintion how . With ll my (not so little) knowledge of computers, I cn't updte one field. No, I cn click Sve s mny times s I wish, it just doesn't work.

But wht mzes me once gin is the fct tht this is service progrmmed by so mny most probbly excellent progrmmers. Just reminded me of n old blog post I wrote. :)
Week of discovering European Cemeteries
In case you wish to experience something new in the beginning of June.

Did you know tht ech yer in 1 week, hundreds of Europen cemeteries re exposed to their locl nd regionl public with interesting events? This yer, it will be from My 28th to Jun 3th, when you will be ble to ttend concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, seminrs, workshops nd other ctivities, celebrting Europen culture.

#events #culture #wdec
Protecting the garden

This morning, I ws pssing by 2 very nice grdens. With different protections. Which one do you prefer?
You will always get 2 calls from somebody that is "twins" in horoscope. :)
We are REALLY tiny
Not that I would ever like to go down there...

This crtoon gives us some perspective into how smll we (nd our constructions) re. It is such huge world round us... See the full size imge t < href="" >
Just a few lovely sunsets in my life.
My world is already full of amazing things. I don't need to invent them.
Cool thought for the end of the dy by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114157629897375195365">Brin Greene:

I cn go to sleep now. :)
I am Kind of familiar with these glasses. :)
Wie das +Project Glass von Microsoft aussehen würde, zeigt dieses kleine gemeine Video :-)

(gefunden via
Fantastic ad. Pure. Human. Well done +adam&eve!
If you're still eating chicken, you're not reading the news.
I admit, I'm eating chicken. Well, not american for now, but this made me think anyway.

Fctory frming is nsty business, I tell you. A sudden rsh of reports is beginning to revel the horrible relity of industril chicken frming.

A piece in The New York Times by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="102839963139173448834">Nichols Kristof points out tht "poultry on fctory frms re routinely fed cffeine, ctive ingredients of Tylenol nd Bendryl, bnned ntibiotics nd even rsenic." Scientists t Johns Hopkins University who studied the industry sys "It’s unbelievble wht we found."

< href="" >

Why cffeine? It turns out tht chickens re fed coffee pulp to keep them wke ll night so they keep eting nd become ftter.

A previous study found tht 90% of chickens rised for met were fed rsenic.

Most chicken frmers don't even know wht they're feeding the chickens, s the pre-pckged feed ingredients re trde secret.

Obm's USDA, menwhile, is springing into ction. The deprtment wnts to stop inspecting poultry plnts nd llow employees of the plnt do the inspections. Tht would enble fctory food ssembly lines to process 200 chickens per minute, rther thn the 140 per minute currently possible.

A pilot progrm for the plnt employee inspections found tht they "were missing defective poultry t high rtes."

From nother Times rticle: "The inspectors, whose nmes were redcted, sid they hd observed numerous instnces of poultry plnt employees llowing birds contminted with fecl mtter or other substnces to pss. And even when the employees try to remove disesed birds, they fce reprimnds, the inspectors sid."

< href="" >
Southern street

It's mzing. Almost nywhere I hve been, south is lwys somehow the sme. Wild, diverse, chllenging. Interesting. The culture on it's own.

They re just fine nd elegnt.
If you wanted to know how Slovenia looks like
foto Peter Furlanič
That's just Lovely!

< href="" >

< clss="ot-hshtg" href="">#peter
Catching up

Well, I m few dys left with my wlks to the office. So tody I took some more. :)
16 Things That it Took Me Over 50 Years to Learn
I don't like the title, as +Visnja Zeljeznjak doesn't :), but this one is worthy.
(by Dve Brry)

I love the hilrious little signs tht hng on the wlls of Jimmy John's sndwich shop (Mmmm, Jimmy Johns), nd I took my son there tonight for dinner. One sign tht lwys relly tickles us both is shown below --- it ws written by my ll-time fvorite writer, humorist Dve Brry on his 50th birthdy. Although it is very funny, there's lot of truth nd some good dvice in there, too. Hope you get chuckle out of it (my son's fvorites re #1, #10, nd #15. I'm quite prtil to #2, only becuse it's so true!). :)

1. Never, under ny circumstnces, tke sleeping pill nd lxtive on the sme night.
2. If you hd to identify, in one word, the reson why the humn rce hs not chieved, nd never will chieve, its full potentil, tht word would be “meetings.”
3. There is very fine line between “hobby” nd “mentl illness.”
4. People who wnt to shre their religious views with you lmost never wnt you to shre yours with them.
5. You should not confuse your creer with your life.
6. Nobody cres if you cn’t dnce well. Just get up nd dnce.
7. Never lick stek knife.
8. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.
9. You will never find nybody who cn give you cler nd compelling reson why we observe dylight svings time.
10. You should never sy nything to womn tht even remotely suggests tht you think she’s pregnnt unless you cn see n ctul bby emerging from her t tht moment.
11. There comes time when you should stop expecting other people to mke big del bout your birthdy. Tht time is ge eleven.
12. The one thing tht unites ll humn beings, regrdless of ge, gender, religion, economic sttus or ethnic bckground, is tht, deep down inside, we ALL believe tht we re bove verge drivers.
13. A person, who is nice to you but rude to the witer, is not nice person (This is very importnt. Py ttention. It never fils.)
14. Your friends love you nywy.
15. Never be frid to try something new. Remember tht lone mteur built the Ark. A lrge group of professionls built the Titnic.
16. Finl thought for the dy: Men re like fine wine. They strt out s grpes, nd it’s up to the women to stomp the snot out of them until they turn into something cceptble to hve dinner with.

--- Dve Brry
Bad way of having a conversation on G+

In pst 24 hours I cought myself hving the worst converstion yet on Google+. [< href="" >] Ok, I ws provoking much of it, but still didn't stop where I could hve. Not only didn't I prove nything, I ended up looking like non-serious-non-scientific person (I dmit tht mny times I m not serious).

Wht did I lern from tht?
1. Don't fll into converstions just becuse you hve n opinion, but don't know enough on the subject.
2. No mtter wht you wnt to sy, people won't listen if they trully belive wht they wnt to sy nd your point somehow brkes their belief.
3. Spend time on more productive chts. :)
4. Seek converstions where you mostly gree (nd slightly disgree) with people, becuse other converstions will just exhust you.

Still, just wnted to thnk +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114157629897375195365">Brin Greene nd +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="103133177397090504113">Tony Sidwy for struggling so long. :) No mtter the pointlesness nd disgreements in the converstion, we kept up quite good tone of the converstion. And they tought me quite few things long the wy.

As for the climte issue - I think +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114157629897375195365">Brin Greene nd +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="103133177397090504113">Tony Sidwy re right. But I will still disgree with mny rticles on the subject in the future. :)
How do you know you're obsessed with Google+? You will put +1 on your grave.
Young and crazy?
Cool ideas!
Great projects for getting the kids outside and thinking about the environment...
Have to admit, My Chrome Theme [] is amazing.
Some things in future look bright.
We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 ( with a clear goal: make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

There’s much left to design and test, but we’ve now safely completed more than 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, gathering great experiences and an overwhelming number of enthusiastic supporters.

We wanted to share one of our favorite moments from some special research we conducted. Watch this video of Steve, who joined us for a drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. We organized this test as a technical experiment outside of our core research efforts, but we think it’s also a promising look at what this kind of technology may one day deliver for society if rigorous technical and safety standards can be met.

A version of this video with audio captions is available here:
Our hypothesis is that people hate email, and that conversion from first time visitor -> engagement would be greater if we offered social media instant follow instead of email signup.
Instantly I follow. :)
An exmple of CROwidget we will be creting nd relesing soon for testing. We're clling it "Socil medi instnt follow" widget.

You will be ble to plce this CROwidget t the very end of your blog post. We wnt to test this widget ginst the stndrd emil signup form. Asking for emil is sometimes too much on first visit, nd too personl.

If you wnt to test this CROwidget on your website once it's out, let us know.

#blogging #cro #conversion #conversionrteoptimiztion #conversionrte
Spotting faulty thinking can be part of the role of the coach or mentor
Direct coaching on Google+ for free. Use it, folks, these advices are really good.

When your clients use thinking which contrdicts their own prior sttements, or is open to chllenge on the qulity of the thinking, there cn be some useful explortion to be done ....
Perhaps it's not just about religion. Sometimes it's political party.
Google+ websites

Our test client cse online. Let's ptiently wit for the results.
Google+ Websites Case

We have a good friend. She needed a website that is just easy enough to use. And she is a patient friend. :)

That's why we offered her to become our test bunny client for the Google+ website case. And here it is:

All the content (and we mean all) you see there comes from her Google+ page:
(sorry for the language, but she sells things locally - for now - if you wish something, just let us know, we'll let her know:))

Menus are stored - believe it - in a Google spreadsheet.

The good things:
- it is really easy for her to use
- she uploaded all the photos in minutes, no hassles, no problems
- she knows the CMS (Google+) without our help
- she has a communication system for her clients set up (they just need to follow her page)
- the database is reliable :)

Yes, we know it's not SEOptimized. And it can be better. Now you tell us how. :)

#english #google #case
First field tests show remarkable results. :)
Great, I didn't have to say it out loud, that Moodle is pointless if you know how to use Google services.
Missing the hour

I ws sleepy tody. Relly missing tht hour we were moving this weekend. So no good photos from morning wlk nd just reshring the lbum tody.
Have to say it out loud: GoDaddy has an awful shopping process. Now I'll turn back to positive stuff.
Short trip to Croatia coast

Quick, but lovely trip. Gret 24 hours.
Explore the monumental cemetery of Bologna through morphing by +Mauro Squiz Daviddi
*Unintended Consequences of Combining Speed and Technology *

Technology is often hailed as innovation vehicle, productivity booster, and enabler of a higher standard of living for all global citizens. However, the field of finance provides an interesting backdrop for what happens when an industry is pushed to its technological limits in the pursuit of automation and speed.
After the rain
My Town Innovators

Now I'm somehow proud of my town. :-)
156, we don't care about you.

It's just sunny morning, who cres bout 156.
Mail merge with Google Docs

Done with Chuck Norris fcts. Enjoy printing the fcts. :-)

#docs #spredsheet #milmerge
Spring is comming to town.

Sweet little moments of spring re here gin. Colors, flowers, sun nd wrm feelings of love. Enjoy!
Summer is near

Cn't wit to tke brek gin.
Fast or slow, we're all moving the same way.

It is one wy.
Upside down, super-fast

Accidentlly opened this photo in my lbums, hve to shre. It's not the best, but I hd to move my cmer like he ws flying. And tht ws fst.:)
What does your stream tell you?

Mine is bout You, people nd Google. :)

< href="" >
Just in case you need excuse for shopping. Green light. :)
With or without you

This couple ws sitting on their porch tody. Just romntic.

#romnce #porch #old
Nice evening down by the river

It ws just nice fternoon nd evening. With the old Nikon D60. And some nice sun. I wnt more like this. :)

#river #evening #Drv
My desktop is solar

Hve to get used to the keys now, but the solr Keybord nd pp from Logitech is just so geeky.
Guarding the Lion

I didn't dre to come closer to tht cr. :)

#Peugeot #dog #gurd
That's why I hear screams in my head all the time... :)
One of many new discoveries internet is providing. How good is your chocolate?
I think this is a great insight to get more relevant view over Kony 2012 action. Mostly I'm avoiding the mass-movements, but this one I still support. We need to get justice done for such people. Or else we'll end up with Hitler again soon.
My reaction to the #kony2012 campaign by Invisible Children
If you watch only one video today, WATCH this one
So, +Paul Johnson any thoughts on this one?

Comic uthor Rob Reid unveils Copyright Mth (TM), remrkble new field of study bsed on ctul numbers from entertinment industry lwyers nd lobbyists.

Wtch + Shre + Spred= Stop the Mdness
I'm not an expert, but this is not the way I would do it.
I could listen to this 1.000 times and it just wouldn't be enough. I'm not even near to a musician, but to me this is getting near to the perfection of musical art.
European Culture Capital pigeon

Mribor is Europen Culture Cpitl this yer. This pigeon took it seriously with some bllet dncing.

#bllet #culture #cpitl #pigeon
I agree! Do you?
Made me think. What's your opinion?
Can you satisfy your clients in 0.39 seconds?
So, wht do you think?
0.39 seconds

That's all you have to get clients satisfied. Or else you fail. Can you feel that with your clients?

No matter what we do these days - sell shoes or highly professional service and projects - clients expect to get it now and here. At our company, we are noticing that few years ago, clients were impressed if we did some brochure or little website in a day or a weekend. We got a lot of praise.

Today, this is not the case anymore. The fact you do it incredibly well if you are given a week does not matter. The fact you can do it an hour does not impress. The only thing impressive enough is that you give it at the moment your client somewhat (nearly, not really precisly) expresses their wish.

And this is the only time I'm blaming it on Google. Because people google for what they seek. And Google does it in 0.39 seconds most of the time, whatever you ask. And that's how people now expect anything to be done.

From simple email to complex projects. 0.39 seconds is all you have. Anything beyond is not really satisfying.
#satisfaction #speed #google
Generations moving to their own time.

Bck or forth. Doesn't mtter. It's your time.
Great, AR is not just for games and entertainment. It's rescue tool as well.
Posting for a few folks. Firefighting AR UI

cc +Jx Saeix
Google+: Internet with human touch

Yesterdy +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="105103058358743760661">Gideon Rosenbltt posted circle he ws estblishing for dys. He took time to go through his strem nd discover who is providing originl content or comments nd still mnging good stndrds of communiction. He filtered the list by those tht hve less thn 2.000 followers.

It ws the first complete circle I’ve dded to my circles ever (nd do not expect me to dd nother soon). The min reson ws tht I ws sure my strem will be enriched. For one, I’m confident bout Gideon’s bility to list mzing people. And the other reson is my strem ws somehow becoming very predictive. I ws seeing the sme posts, more or less the sme subjects of interests.

In just few minutes, my strem chnged. Suddenly there were posts bout history books, science, psychology, food nd ll of them hd some dded vlue. Not just reshring of some rticle, but dding some comment or thought tht mde it more relevnt.

Google still needs humn touch
So I see this s n exmple of the fct tht content is still the king s I love the content, not the strem design or service. And while the mchine itself (Google serch) didn’t provide me with the best possible content (by suggesting me right people), Gideon did. And tht’s why I see this s well s n exmple of how content still needs humn curtors, editors, connections. Humn touch. And tht’s why Google+ is such powerful service. Becuse simply by dding circle of Gideon’s crefuly selected people, I m now receiving the content tht relly stisfies my needs for informtion. My needs for trditionl medi informtion fil nother 20% t lest. Thnk you Google+, thnk you Gideon.

#Google+ #Gideon’s #socil
Under 2K, Interesting, Original People Circle
I'm sharing this because of 2 simple reasons:

1. +Gideon Rosenblatt took a lot of time and he deserves that at least I follow his intention.
2. These people must be great if he selected them. It's the first circle I'm adding completly (it's not the first I'm in).

I'm not sharing this because I'm in. You can exclude me later if you find my posts borring. :-)

Looking for some new voices? People who shre good content, but who don't hve huge circles of people lredy following them?

People in this circle:
* hve less thn 2,000 people circling them
* hve interesting nd originl insights nd content they shre publicly
* engge others in civil, respectful wys tht build community

I spent bunch of time curting this circle to try to mke sure the people in it meet the bove criteri. This is good group of folks.

My gol in shring this circle is to help give some interesting people bit more visibility here on Google+. I think it's importnt tht we bke tht kind of opportunity into the culture of this network. If people work hrd to shre good content nd engge well with others, they deserve chnce to get recognized. +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114228869493885222559">Liz Quilty did something like this for me when I ws just getting strted, nd this is my wy of pssing the torch.

I wnt to note tht I filed in one of my originl gols for this circle, which ws to build diverse group of people. My existing network here on G+ just couldn't get me there for this circle shre, so tht's something I will be working on ddressing for future circles.

In the men time, since I'm not including myself in this circle (becuse I fil the first criterion), I'm going to be bit more direct in my cll to ction. If you like the criteri for this circle nd you gree with its gols, then plese, dd this circle nd re-shre it publicly.

Thnk you in dvnce for your help.
Technology makes work social?

Some 20 yers go, this mn would wlk the street nd just collect the grbge. Now he ws using his mobile phone nd hve converstion. Perhps tomorrow he will use the TV pp suggested by the poster beside him.

But then gin, 20 yers go he might hve stopped to hve cht with rndom wlker, old ldy. He might hve socilize with people pssing by. So I'm just wondering this morning, is technology mking our work more or less socil?

#socil #work #technology
Passing by

No light, sun is setting. And everyone is just pssing by ech other.
Who is lazy?

I could sy most of my neighbours re lzy. This is one proof tht suggests they rther fill up (out) the only open cn then open one of the next three nd fill them up.

But the question is, wht is the compny tht tkes cre of these, doing? It is obvious people don't like opening these cns with their hnds fter they re ll dirty. Even more, it is not esy to open them while you're holding your bg to dispose.

So wht do you think is proper wy to chnge for better? Inform my neighbours tht other cns should be open fter the first one is full (s I do it)? Or inform the compny tht hndles the grbge to innovte nd mke some foot-hndle on ech cn to open it without touching the dirty hndle?

#grbge #lzy
That's about engaging customers.
maybe this is what it will take to get people interested in fitness. :-)
I'll have this profile photo as long as Kony is not caught and brought to justice. He's one, we're billions.
Stop Kony

Everyone cn mke difference this yer. Join this to get Kony to justice. The #1 criminl to be cought by the Hg lw.

We must do it. For our children.
Facebook: Likely service disruption

Oops: < href="" >
Rd mam lblan

Sn prvi štjerc. Z rzliko od nšeg župn nimm nič proti Ljubljni in ne bi imel meje n Trojnh. Celo znimiv in simptičn se mi zdi bel Ljubljn. Ljudje tm prv tko, ko jih spoznš. Prv super so večinom. Slbši so v žogobrcu in še čem, mpk to so posredne zbve.

Edin' kv n' štek'm je t kjut lblnsk-ingliš fensi spič, k'tko sek in je wsm, n'? :-)

Kj prvzprv pomeni, ko mešš lblnščino in ngleščino... d obvldš jezike li kj? Ajde Lblnčni, izzvni ste. :-)

#slovenij #jezik #sleng #hec
"shared interest graph."
This is the best presentation I've seen about G+ yet. Requires open mind though, not sure some people will be able to open the eyes wide enough.
Yes, Google+ is Google's nswer to Fcebook, but not in the directly competitive sense mny journlists ssume. Google+ is core to Google's mission "to orgnize the world's informtion", nd tht's better frme for thinking bout this service.

Here re 35 slides to help kickstrt different perspective on wht Google+ relly is -

I tried to mke this tour s esy s possible with some nice imges long the wy. Credits for ll those nice imges re on the lst slide.

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Sit and wait

If I hd time, I would sit on the bench nd wit for the spring.

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Not going there. Nobody showed the first aid corner. :-)
Just don't ever tell me I have to catch one of these guys. :-)
I am gluten free, I am not casein free
Works for many things, not just autism. If you have any neurological symptoms, give it a try. Doesn't hurt.
"For some children with n utism spectrum disorder (ASD), gluten-free, csein-free diet leds to improvements in behvior nd physiologicl symptoms, ccording to reserchers t Penn Stte."

... but I m gretly reduced from pre-dibetes dys.

#utism Thnks to +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="102148869308265912890">Anne Luther for shring.

< href="" >
Welcome to March: Now Let's Paint It Black
Interesting list. Not sure where this is leading, but supporting independent artists is worthy.

This Mrch, fter censorship bills hve been thrown t us from ll ngles, its time to show big medi corportions tht we no longer hve need of their services nd will no longer be pying for them. Tht doesn't men no one should listen to music or wtch ny movies for n entire month. Tht mens everyone should strive for independent rtists.

A list of independent, online rtists of ll vrieties is being compiled by our own +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="106837574755355833243">Mon Lis with links to YouTube profiles, DevintArt glleries, nd expositions of ll vrieties nd sizes. (< href="" > These independent rtists re the ones who should be receiving your money this month, not the enormous corportions dominting Hollywood.

These medi corportions hve lredy gone so fr s to publicly issue threts ginst politicins who should dre to not fight for their wnts. (< href="" > The time hs come to tke mtters into our own hnds. If our governments will not stnd up to them, then it is up to us.

Bring money bck to rel people.
Show big medi tht their time hs come.
Fight bck ginst hrsh censorship bills.
Welcome to #BlckMrch
It's the wheels baby (part 2)

This ws prt one: < href="" >

As it turns out, prt 2 is interesting s well. :-)
Need for speed

I do like to photoshoot these guys. Fst nd elegnt they re.

Yesterdy, I sw this mn in his bot. Ws he escping the modern life?
Marketing folks: Wishery is here to help you communicate with your customers better via Gmail
Not the coolest interview, but the app itself is useful. Keep it going, Wishery!

+< href="" clss="proflink" oid="114200991927788862158">Wishery dds customer reltionship tools to Gmil (Google Apps) to help your tem become much more efficient nd effective t delivering buzz-worthy sles, service nd support vi emil.

Here the founders tell me wht < href="" >

More detils on Crunchbse t < href="" >

An +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="116710547876522170401">AngelPd Sn Frncisco compny.
Santa Spring is comming to town

Morning wlks re becoming wrm nd colorful.

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Yet Another "Google+ Is Dying" MSM Article
I agree, G+ is not a social network. Discovery engine is really a much better description! What do you think, +Denis Labelle ? :-)

Oh God. I think I'm going to be sick.

I'm so tempted to rnt t journlists like +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="117940797281312243002">Amir Efrti for perpetuting this stupid myth tht Google+ is ghost town. If you're one of the thousnds in my circles, you're one of millions who know tht's not true.

But tody I'm not going to rnt t pile-on tech writers like +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="117940797281312243002">Amir Efrti. I'm going to turn my nger t Google.

Hello +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="107117483540235115863">Vic Gundotr +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="100535338638690515335">Louis Gry +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="113116318008017777871">Brdley Horowitz - why why why do you llow Google's mrketing tem to keep mrketing Google+ s "Fcebook just mybe slightly better"? Why why why do you not see wht millions of us who use it nd love it understnd: Google+'s secret wepon is tht it is not just "nother socil network." STOP trying to get people to bring their sme friends they hve on Fcebook over here. IT'S NOT WORKING.

Plese plese plese strt mrketing Google+ s wht it is: the world's most incredible discovery engine. The gret power of Google+ is not yet nother wy to follow celebrities nd keep up with Aunt Susie. The power here is in the bility to discover nd engge with thousnds of new people from ll over the world who re interested in wht you're interested in.

Google: You're killing Google+ with your useless "suggested user list" tht directs people to people they'll never get to engge with. Use wht you're good t! Trust the lgorithms! Connect new people with hundreds of people in their interest grph who re ctully using Google+ nd engging every dy.

Google+ users: If you gree, plese shre this. Copy it to s mny influentil people in Google s you cn, or write your own messge. If Google won't sve Google+, mybe we cn.

EDIT: And you must red "Getting More People to Use Google+" brillint piece by +< href="" clss="proflink" oid="115516333681138986628">Ryn Crowe < href="" >
Would you walk if you could fly?

Tody I didn't get chnce to tke wlk to the office. So here's n oldie goldie photo from my rchives. :-)

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Who defines architecture?

Is rchitecture defining us or re we defining rchitecture?
It's the wheels baby

Once it ws bout the horse. Now it's bout the wheels.

I wlk, she wkes up. I work, she flies. Are we free?

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Konichiwa! :-)
Work or love?

I'm on my wy to work. And some re on their wy to love.

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How cool is this not?

I know t the moment people did this, they felt strong. But how strong re they relly?

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Who and where you are

Life if not bout who nd where you wnt to be. It is bout who nd where you re.

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It is funny, I admit. :-)
Google+ user: "This (content/link) is really cool, check it out!"
Comments from anyone interested follows, worthwhile discussions based on content.

Facebook user: "I am really cool, check me out! Here's a pic of what I just made for supper!"
Comments from closed group of friends follows, no more interesting than, "Wow, looks delish, can I come over? LOL"
I assume this might be a perfect solution for tourism destinations, museums,...
Augmented reality Google goggles that overlay information about what the goggle's sensors "see." Assuming they worked well, would you buy them?
Are you social or value added brand?
So, my "social" friends, what do you think? Is it about being social or adding value to your customers (through social media)?

Being socil compny mens lot these dys. Everything is bout being socil. If you re not socil, you re not on the mp of modern mrketing. It is considered sin to not be socil.

But relly, is it like tht? Or is your brnd bout dding vlue? And socil chnnels being just one wy of dding vlue to your customers? Wht do you think?

#socil #english #generl #communiction
Another day, another walk

With love in the ir.
Place to think

Once, somebody ws looking out tht window. Thinking of wht the world will look like in 2012? Will people fly? Will liens visit us? Who will led the country?
"I answered those two posed questions by suggesting that yes, emerging evidence seems to indicate that private prison corporations are in fact drafting policies, lobbying politicians and actively debating ways to increase the U.S. prison population."
Dark ages.
(from rticle)

There re whole bunch of people who were sleeping during their ethics clsses in college.
Wherever possible, GigaOm finds problem with Google products.
* first - gluten free beer after a year *

After almost a year, a beer. Gluten free. Tastes like a beer. :) thank you Schnitzer Brau :)
The brainstorming fact

The ftl misconception behind brinstorming is tht there is prticulr script we should ll follow in group interctions. The lesson of Building 20 is tht when the composition of the group is right—enough people with different perspectives running into one nother in unpredictble wys—the group dynmic will tke cre of itself. All these errnt discussions dd up. In fct, they my even be the most essentil prt of the cretive process. Although such converstions will occsionlly be unplesnt—not everyone is lwys in the mood for smll tlk or criticism—tht doesn’t men tht they cn be voided. The most cretive spces re those which hurl us together. It is the humn friction tht mkes the sprks.

Red more < href="" >
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You wanted it cheap

This is not just bout Apple. It is bout most of our society tht just flls for "discount" nd chep prices of most dvnced technology.

Plese, next time you re buying product - ny product - sk yourself, who mkes my crp?
Looking for Google Goggles developer. Anyone knows anyone? :-)
Why lucky?
This month I ws lucky enough to spend few hours in Lfyette, Pris. Becuse I would never think of going there myself, but s being invited by friend, I just couldn't sy no, right?

But I ws lucky to see:
- mobile phones for 20.000 €
- mntle for 50.000 €
- bgs for 10.000 €
- hnd wtches for 80.000 €

And much more, yes. Wht is mzing bout it? First, you cn see people tht ctully buy these things (they ll seem to be from Jpn). Second nd more importnt, you wke up bout the thing everyone ws telling you before. Tht price nd vlue re not the sme thing.

In my country, 99,99% of people nd business people belive tht price should be set up ccording to the costs+mrgin clcultions. So my friend, who worked in fshion business for long time, explined me tht some products, which Slovenin mnufcturers re producing, were the sme phsyicl qulity nd design, nd cost 100 times less. But they never put such price on their products.

I understnd them. Affrid of pushing price to high nd trying to profit on economy of scle. But I somehow dmire people tht simply put sticker with 100 times the price nyone else would put on tht product. They hve the guts nd win big time. Becuse there re people out there tht just buy the thing tht is more expensive.

Yes, I ws on one edge of the world most of us don't relly dmire. Most of us try to live by simple products nd norml prices nd we don't trvel here. But this edge of the world ws nevertheless inspiring to see.

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Perhaps someone can help?
If I ws llowed to red just one book (or blog, or mgzine...) bout in my life, which one would you recommend? Thnks lot!
Great reminder on how to explore how we really are.
Have you explored the Google Art Project?

Explore 17 museums from around the world with hundreds of artworks photographed in extremely high resolution for free. You can create and share your own collections of art. Great for students exploring art from a time in history, analyzing art, and comparing/contrasting.

Explore now at
Google+: Destroying SEO and Why That’s a Good Thing
This one will be hard for many, but there's truth inside. Just look deep enough.

Now nyone who knows little bout SEO, knows the importnce of keywords, Met tgs, inbound links, nd AdWord cmpigns. You my know to notify Google bout crwling new sites/lnding pges you produce or you my constntly worry bout your current pge rnk on the top serch sites. You my hve cll-to-ctions embedded in YouTube videos nd your CPC cmpigns my be n overwhelming success. But wht if ll tht went wy? Wht if content could stnd lone? Wht if the only promotion you ever needed ws gret content? Insert Google+.

Now ny SEO professionl worth his/her slt knows how essentil it is to include trending keywords relting to their content in the body of blog or lnding pge. This won’t go wy, but fter dding these keyword